One of our favorite things to do here at Idea Kraft is eat, so when we get projects based around the food industry, we’re pumped! Whether it’s product packaging, photoshoots or logo design for restaurants, we love being able to work on projects that help support and grow the local food scene.

We recently helped Craft Bar + Kitchen work on some items to complete the branding of their business. They already had a logo, but needed help finalizing the menu and takeout boxes. For their menu, we found the perfect mix of grunge and cleanliness through a combination of distressed typefaces, clear hierarchy and rustic kraft paper. We’re very proud to have had the menu design featured on Art of the Menu as well! We brought the takeout boxes to the next level by splashing the logo in a fun, repetitive pattern on the sides. This simple addition turned a plain brown box into a sophisticated, yet playful way to display their food. For a place as cool as Craft, we really needed to make their mouth-watering sliders and shakes shine. Pairing these vibrant dishes with their more neutral logo and branding materials created the necessary contrast to achieve just that.

The final piece came together when we staged a photoshoot to capture their fun atmosphere, gourmet comfort food and wide range of beverages. Delicious milkshakes billowed over with sprinkles and whipped cream; crispy tater tots sat carefully stacked, and cheese oozed down the side of the sliders. Our versatile shoot produced some great images for Craft to use in promotional materials and social media. These photos showcase their entire brand, from fry baskets to menu design, and create a strong sense of identity.

In design, it’s all about the details and creating a unified brand that goes beyond just the logo. Working on a fun project like this makes us hungry for more food-based projects and we can’t wait to work on more!