A Simple Guide to Brand Guidelines

A Simple Guide to Brand Guidelines

The most important rule of branding is to be consistent in communicating your brand message, in the products and services you provide, in every interaction with your customers, and also in the visuals that represent your brand. The best brands are defined by the repetition of the same logo, fonts, colors, images and message. This repetition allows the brand to be instantly recognizable.

To do this, creating a set of brand guidelines is essential. Guidelines are meant to keep the internal team on track and remind them of best practices to create a signature brand that is consistent across platforms. Ultimately, your brand machine should run smoothly and this document can be shared with outside vendors to continue consistency across all forms of reproduction and presentation to the public.

Emphasizing good and consistent design can be the key to success. At Idea Kraft, our goal is to provide our clients with the tools to succeed. Brand guidelines communicate—internally and externally—what good design is, and why it matters. In addition to simple rules and visual specifics, a style guide reinforces the importance of treating your brand with respect and creating your brand’s voice, values, and principles. Crafting first-class designs begins with the branding, but relies on the client to execute their look consistently in the long-term for a well-maintained brand.

In general, a brand guidelines should include:

The logo All versions of the logo. For example: full color, single color version, with tagline and without, or horizontal or vertical orientations.

The brand colors Swatches that show the PMS, CMYK, RGB, and HEX formulas.

The brand fonts Logo fonts and any other fonts that are used in printed materials or website.

Simple guidelines and tips for correct usage Information on clear space, and tips on what not to do.

Brand Assets Photography or illustration styles that support your branding. Also any secondary branding elements, such as icons.

Brand Voice Copy writing styles and values that should be emphasized in written communication.

See our Brand Guideline Template here for a more detailed look at the structure of a brand guideline document.

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